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It appears that this user is currently working on new music submissions. A select few have told us on good authority that these submissions will arrive by the end of the year.

Whereas the reasons are unclear, this user intends to even respond to requests, given that they align with his User Request Guidelines and Criteria as follows:

* The Requestee must ask nicely and use at least one French word in their OFFICIAL REQUEST FORM.
* The Requestee must submit their request for tailored submissions via an OFFICIAL REQUEST FORM.
* OFFICIAL REQUEST FORMS are available from the user on request.*
* The Requestee must allow two (2) to two-hundred and sixteen (216) days before the generation of a reply to allow for verification and cross-referencing. After which, it is safe to assume that the answer is "maybe".
* The Requestee must not expect work to be submitted on time, nor expect the user to exhibit form of punctuality, whatsoever.
* The [submission/rejection/(un)opened status/acceptance] of an OFFICIAL REQUEST FORM does not serve as any form of guarantee, nor does it constitute any legally-binding agreement(s).

* Worry not, an UNOFFICIAL REQUEST FORM (or any other form, for that matter) is NOT required to request an OFFICIAL REQUEST FORM**.

**As of 15 SEP 2013.

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